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  • Corlay d'en haut, 14 route des Essards
    36230 Montipouret
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IATST Manufacture & sale of equipment for trenchless construction in France and around the world

IATST Based in Lacs, Indre (36)

To allow IATST to continue to grow and develop, Patrick FERRAND, engineer and entrepreneur, founded COFAMAST in 2004. Driven by a desire for constant improvement, he set out create a real workshop to design and manufacture trenchless equipment.

As a result, IATST is able to use its own “Made in France” equipment every day!

Need specific information on a particular piece of equipment? Contact us directly at02 54 31 00 48

Devanture de l'entreprise COFAMAST à Lacs (36) dans l'Indre.

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TOOLS & SPARE PARTS FOR SALE throughout France & around the world

Do you need a spare part for your Exterminator drill, Excalibur drill, RTV utility vehicle or flatbed box?

IATST, a company specialising in the manufacture and sale of equipment for trenchless construction in Lacs, Indre, also offers the necessary tools for repairing your machinery.

You can request the spare parts you need via our contact form or directly via phone at 02 54 31 00 48

Un opérateur utilise la foreuse Excalibur

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