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DIRECTIONAL DRILLING SERVICES throughout France, in Indre (36), Cher (18) and Loir-et-Cher (41)


An inspired idea from a motivated man

When trenchless technology was still relatively unknown in France, Patrick Ferrand, a specialist engineer, had a groundbreaking idea: to adapt directional drilling for the urban environment.

To achieve this impressive feat, the engineer set out to create a versatile micro-drill to suit every type of terrain and take up minimal space on construction sites.

In 2002, after months of study and testing, IATST created its first micro-drill: Exterminator

A size that seduces, performances that have nothing to envy the biggest, Exterminator has proven itself, IATST is deployed nationwide.

The adventure continues and the passion for innovation strikes again to give birth to Excalibur. A new high-tech model capable of meeting the environmental and technical requirements of our time.

In order to meet the growing demand, IATST has also equipped itself with a large-scale drilling machine: the German-made 18ACS.


All of our trenchless projects are carried out in compliance with current regulations and standard practice.


All of our certificates are up to date and available to send on request.


Request a quote directly via our website by providing an explanation of your needs and your desired diameter.


Your choice of equipment should be based on a number of criteria:

Equipment size
The desired line
The diameter of the pipe
The nature of the subsoil

OUR TRENCHLESS SERVICES Available throughout France, in Indre (36), Cher (18) and Loir-et-Cher (41)

Whether you are a company, a local government or an individual, we are here to help.

We carry out drilling work for installations ranging from 25 mm to 600 mm in diameter and 5 to 500 m in length.

Our company specialises in directional drilling for the installation of pipelines. This technique can be applied to all dry and/or wet infrastructures (gas, electricity, optical fibres, etc.). We work on projects throughout France, with installations ranging from 25 mm to 600 mm in diameter. Request your free quote via our website.
We are equipped to work in difficult-to-access locations, such as urban or mountainous areas. For this type of projects, we use the Excalibur and Exterminator micro-drills designed in our workshops. Directional drilling requires a pit measuring 2.20 m in length and 1.50 m in width (with an exit pit of 1 m² to make the connection).
We can carry out pipe bursting techniques for network restoration purposes.
We can provide you with a suction excavator and a technician for more sensitive and delicate work.
As a designer and manufacturer of unique micro-drills, we are at your disposal to help you find your perfect fit. All of our machines are designed in France in our own workshops. Thanks to our experience in the field, we are able to improve our equipment every day to ensure optimal operation and efficiency. During your training, you can benefit from our extensive experience in horizontal directional drilling. (International equipment sales)
un opérateur IATST réalise des travaux de forage

IATST TRENCHLESS CONSTRUCTION Available throughout France, in Indre (36), Cher (18) and Loir-et-Cher (41)

At the service of individuals and professionals

See all our projects
2019 Commercialisation EXCALIBUR II
2019 Evolution du caisson plateau
2018 Caisson plateau
2007 Caisson plateau
2005 Caisson plateau
2004 Transport de la foreuse
2003 Evolution de EXTERMINATOR
2002 Création de EXTERMINATOR

EVOLUTION of our drill equipment

2 021 IATST a conçu EXCALIBUR I en 2013 et l'a faite évolué en 2018 pour sortir son premier modèle en 2019 : EXCALIBUR II.
Cette micro-foreuse d'une dimension de 0.70 de large et 1.20 de long lui permet de réaliser des forage dans des fouilles de tailles minimes. Ainsi, elle est très pratique pour le forage en ville, par exemple.
Elle possède une traction de 14 tonnes. Grâce à son attache hydraulique et électrique sans tuyau, elle est peut s'orienter à 360°, et cela sans fin et se commande directement de la foreuse. 
2019 Commercialisation EXCALIBUR II
2 019 Voici le caisson plateau, pour transporter la foreuse et sa pelle ainsi que tous les équipements nécessaires à la bonne réalisation des travaux. 
2019 Evolution du caisson plateau
2 018 Le caisson plateau
2018 Caisson plateau
2 007 Le caisson plateau
2007 Caisson plateau
2 005 Création du 1er Caisson plateau
2005 Caisson plateau
2 004 Transport de la foreuse
2004 Transport de la foreuse
2 003 Evolution de EXTERMINATOR
2003 Evolution de EXTERMINATOR
2 002 Création de EXTERMINATOR
2002 Création de EXTERMINATOR

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